Diet Doc Uncovers the Secret to Look Younger and Feel Better With Their New, Prescription Sermorelin hGH Anti-Aging Therapy

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 1, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Is it really possible to reverse the aging process, to look younger and to feel better? A Diet Doc in-house clinical study revealed that thousands of patients affirm that prescription Sermorelin hGH anti-aging therapy has enabled them to look younger and feel better with revitalized energy, improved sleep quality and improved memory and mood.

Aside from looking and feeling better, a published study of the benefits of Diet Doc's prescription Sermorelin hGH anti-aging therapy also include:

  • 15% average decrease in fat;
  • 8% average increase in muscle and lean body structure;
  • Fewer skin wrinkles;
  • Increased bone density, reversal of osteoporosis;
  • Swifter healing of any type of injury, fracture, or wound;
  • Improved immune system with more resistance to infection;
  • Enhanced brain function;
  • Improvement in overall physical and mental wellbeing;
  • Improved exercise tolerance;
  • Improved mineral balance;
  • Improved heart and kidney function.

As the body ages, the pituitary gland's production and release of human growth hormone decreases. Diet Doc's prescription Sermorelin hGH anti-aging therapy simply jump starts the gland's metabolism, forcing increased production and release of stored hGH back into the system. Sermorelin hGH anti-aging therapy is a safe and natural alternative to boost hGH levels and, unlike illegal human growth hormone, is manufactured in the U.S. in FDA approved pharmacies. Diet Doc cautions buyers to carefully research their options before purchasing hGH. Pure hGH is nearly impossible to obtain without a doctor prescription, and while the hGH may be advertised as pure, these products are manufactured outside of the U.S., without safety guidelines, and may contain unknown and dangerous fillers.

Prior to prescribing Sermorelin hGH anti-aging therapy to their patients, Diet Doc requires baseline bloodwork to establish natural hGH levels and to ensure that the levels remain within safe and stable levels throughout the 3-6 month treatment period. An online consult with one of Diet Doc's highly trained physicians will enable the doctor to assess the pituitary gland as well. For added convenience, patients may choose to have their prescription Sermorelin hGH anti-aging therapy delivered directly to their home or office. Each shipment will be accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis, performed by a third party laboratory, detailing the quality and quantity of all active ingredients.

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