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CNBC Meets: President Jimmy Carter, part one

CNBC Meet's Tania Bryer speaks to the 39th U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who was sworn in on 20 January 1977 but left the White House in 1981 after a landslide defeat. Carter went on to form human rights and healthcare charity the Carter Center in 1982.

Now in his 90th year, Carter said he created the Carter Center to help fill "vacuums" in the world and do things other people didn't want to do. After 32 years, the center has helped improve healthcare, democracy and human rights in over 80 countries, Carter said.

The former president discusses his childhood, growing up on a farm just outside of Plains, Georgia at a time of racial segregation and his time at the navy in the years ahead of his time in politics.

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  • Tania Bryer is a guest presenter and executive producer of CNBC Meets. In this series, she profiles some of the world’s most successful business people to find out what makes them tick. Bryer previously worked for BBC and Sky Television.