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These commodities are already in a bear market

A number of major commodities are trading in bear market territory, off by more than 20 percent from their respective highs.

Soybeans lead the list, though energy and metals are represented as well.

commods bear chart 141002 EC

Description Price 52-Wk High Date 52-Wk High Settle Percent change from 52-wk High Settle
Soybean Meal (CBT $/t) Continuous298.4,6/2/2014,506-41.03%
Soybeans (CBT $/bu) Continuous9.175,5/22/2014,15.315-40.09%
Corn (CBT $/bu) Continuous3.2025,4/29/2014,5.2175-38.62%
Natural Gas (NYM $/btu) Continuous3.93,2/21/2014,6.231-36.93%
Cotton #2 (IFUS $/lbs) Continuous0.6142,5/5/2014,0.9735-36.91%
Oats (CBT $/bu) Continuous3.455,3/3/2014,5.4425-36.52%
Wheat (CBT $/bu) Continuous4.855,5/6/2014,7.39-34.30%
Lean Hogs (CME $/lbs) Continuous0.9475,6/30/2014,1.32825-28.67%
Soybean Oil (CBT $/lbs) Continuous0.3264,3/6/2014,0.4475-27.06%
Silver (NYM $/ozt) Continuous17.06,10/30/2013,22.983-25.77%
NY Harb RBOB (NYM $/gal) Continuous2.3781,6/20/2014,3.1277-23.97%
Sugar #11 (IFUS $/lbs) Continuous0.1601,10/18/2013,0.2016-20.59%

—Data by CNBC's Giovanny Moreano