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Game plan: Can U.S. thrive as world flounders?

Cramer's gameplan for navigating volatile waters

"Is the rest of the world going to bring down the United States? Or are we going to be an economic locomotive pulling the rest of the world forward?"

That, Jim Cramer, says will be the question that's top of mind on Wall Street after new data from the Labor Department showed that for the first time since the middle of the recession, the jobless rate fell below 6 percent, and employers added 248,000 jobs in September across a number of sectors.

Given the globe is still struggling, yet the U.S seems relatively strong, Cramer says Wall Street will be looking for clues at every turn in an attempt to determine which of these forces is more likely to prevail.

What should you be watching? Here's what's on Cramer's radar:

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Mon., Oct. 6

On Monday, Cramer says the Street will parse through earnings from the Container Store looking to see what its metrics reveal about the domestic economy. "I know it sounds funny that such a small company could influence our thinking so dramatically, but given the paucity of data next week, The Container store could have that kind of impact."

Also, Cramer said commentary from Adobe's analyst meeting will also wield influence over the Street. "Today caught two new buy recommendations and it sent that stock soaring. If Adobe can tell a good story, then cloud tech can lead us higher."

Tues., Oct. 7

On Tuesday, rather than focus on the U.S., Cramer will be looking for insights into China's economy, as Yum! reports earnings. "There has been a lot of chatter about a potential spin out of Yum's Chinese division. I don't think that will happen. But if Yum can reassure Wall Street that the Chinese consumer is coming back, results could send up the entire restaurant sector as well as other companies that sell their wares into China."

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Wed., Oct 8

On Wednesday the health of the consumer will command Cramer's undivided attention as Costco reports earnings. "I think this quarter will be monster good and I bet the stock keeps powering higher. It is the class of the field."

Also, Cramer intends to sift through results from Alcoa. Looking at Alcoa as a "tell" Cramer said, "Here I'm quite confident of a good number." However, if you're looking at trading the stock, Cramer added, "Alcoa's doubled since the bottom and it is as loved now as it was hated at $8. I think if you don't own it, you need to wait."

Thurs., Oct. 9

On Thursday, Family Dollar reports earnings, and Cramer thinks as a single stock story, Family Dollar should be a win-win. "If it actually has a good quarter, I would expect the stock goes higher. And if not, I think the suitors, who are bidding for this company, will get more fervid. Either way, it's good to be a shareholder."

Fri., Oct. 10

Again, on Friday, Cramer will be, again, looking for more insights on the economy, this time from Fastenal. "It's a largely domestic company that sells industrial and construction supplies. I have contended that most of our industrial weakness stems from companies that do business overseas. What happens when we see how a pure industrial from this country is doing? I bet it could be great."

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