Most expensive house (we could get into): Alpharetta, Ga.

A short drive from the heart of downtown Atlanta, is an Alpharetta, Georgia, estate that has been called "the field of dreams."

The nickname is fitting given that one of its key features is a well-manicured, full-sized baseball field, with a batting cage, in case you need to work on your hitting. If baseball's not your thing, there are other amenities designed to put a smile on your face, including two in-ground trampolines and a putting green.

Drained by all that physical activity? The sights and sounds of a soothing waterfall cascading into the property's saltwater swimming pool creates a perfect place to relax. There's also a custom-built jacuzzi surrounded by fireplaces.

Indoors, there's a 10-seat movie theater, a home spa and gym, and a wine cellar for storing and sipping vino.

The 10,474-square-foot mansion, which is listed at $3.59 million, includes five bedrooms and six full-sized bathrooms.

Want a personal tour? Of course you do! Watch the video. To read the property's full listing, click here.

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