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Trendiest Halloween costumes for 2014

Snow White costume

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The trendiest—and wackiest—Halloween costumes

As the crisp October air starts to settle in, consumers are already on the hunt for their perfect Halloween get-ups. And while traditional costumes from princesses to pirates are expected to remain among the most popular, 2014 is already shaping up to be a year that brings its own nuances.

For one, partygoers appear to be shying away from the Beyoncés and Katy Perrys of years' past. Instead, they are getting their celeb fix by dressing as social media stars. They're also bringing a dose of pop culture by snatching up costumes based on TV and movie characters, including the still-hot "Frozen" princesses Elsa and Anna.

Because Halloween falls on a Friday this year, many will celebrate all weekend long. This means there are shoppers who are stocking up—and spending more—so they're not caught wearing the same outfit again on Saturday. According to the National Retail Federation, consumers will spend an average $77.52 on Halloween this year, compared to $75.03 in 2013. A large chunk of that money will be shelled out on costumes, with more than two-thirds of people celebrating the holiday planning to buy one. That's the most in the survey's 11-year history.

"Consumers do seem more inclined to spend again this year, with a Friday Halloween and a sense that the economy is improving," said Ken Russell, vice president of sales for Disguise costume manufacturer. "Folks seem willing to spend over $50 again for their costumes and accessories."

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—By CNBC's Krystina Gustafson
Posted 4 Oct. 2014

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