Would you like your iPhone deep fried?

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus unveiled.
Source: Apple Inc.

Henry Hargreaves has found a new way to dispose of your old gadgets and it involves a deep fryer.

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The photographer took inspiration from a group of kids that tried to deep fry a PSP device. According to PSFK, Hargreaves thought he could transform that concept into beautiful photography, namely a collection titled Deep-fried Gadgets.

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The collection, styled by Caitlin Levin, is a commentary about our culture's seemingly thoughtless approach to technology.

Hargreaves explains on his site that, "Electronics have become almost a holy device – a new Apple device sends people out of their minds. But as soon as the next model comes out the last is immediately forgotten. [Both] tech culture and fast food [are] quickly devoured and then discarded because of our appetite for the newest product."