Las Vegas Veterinarian Emphasizes Pet Weight Control

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 5, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At St. Francis Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, pet weight control is considered a major part of overall wellness care for pets. Dr. David Drake says maintaining a normal weight is essential to the quality of each pet's health and wellbeing. Weight requirements vary from pet to pet; what is considered a healthy weight for one animal might be recognized as obese for another. For this reason, the veterinarian incorporates weight control into regular pet care routines, helping pet owners establish healthy diets and lifestyles for all of their pets.

Nearly everyone has been made aware of the extreme health risks associated with obesity in people. However, Las Vegas veterinarian Dr. David Drake says the dangers of obesity in pets have been less publicized but are just as serious. For this reason, Dr. Drake makes pet weight control a priority during all of his patients' wellness appointments. Whether dog, cat, rabbit, or reptile, Dr. Drake helps pet owners understand both the importance of pet weight control and how to properly maintain their pet's weight within a healthy range.

Cats and dogs should naturally only have a thin layer of fat around their body. On a healthy dog or cat, one should be able to feel his or her spine and ribs. If these bones are buried under a thick layer of fat, the animal likely needs to lose weight with a diet regimen and exercise program.

"Controlling a pet's weight is like controlling your own weight," said Dr. Drake. "Pet owners can keep their pets at a healthy weight by feeding them nutritious, low calorie foods, never feeding them scraps, limiting treats, and providing them with plenty of exercise."

The veterinarian advises a pet is best started early on low calorie foods. Otherwise, the animal will become accustomed to the taste of high fat foods and express disinterest in anything else. The same results from animals eating unhealthy scraps of human food. Not only are these foods typically higher in fat than what is okay for a pet, but can also be harmful, as not all human foods are safe for animal consumption.

In addition to becoming lethargic, having trouble breathing, and losing interest in activities, overweight pets are at a higher risk of developing diabetes, a condition in which the body either becomes resistant to insulin or has trouble producing it. Dr. Drake can help pet owners control diabetes in pets both with diet modification and medication.

St. Francis Animal Hospital is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Veterinarian Dr. Drake and licensed veterinary technician, Carolann, operate the animal hospital and provide pets of all kinds with compassionate care. In addition to pet weight control, the animal hospital offers wellness care, surgery, geriatric care, microchipping, boarding, and more.

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