Former HP chair: Spinoff not a defensive play

Fmr. HP chair: Perfect moment for split

Former Hewlett-Packard Chairman Ralph Whitworth struck back at speculation that the company's plan to split its business in half was a defensive move spurred out of weakness.

"It's totally out of offense, Whitworth said on CNBC's "Closing Bell" Monday, adding that the plan will generate shareholder value and spur innovation.

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Whitworth—whose hedge fund, Relational Investors, acquired a 1.49 percent stake in HP in 2011—said the plan has both financial and operational benefits, but it's mainly "just a much better way to present the assets to the market."

Ralph Whitworth's hedge fund, Relational Investors, acquired a 1.49 percent stake in HP in 2011.
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"They're rationalizing their portfolio of assets and putting them into groups that meet different market demands," he said.

He said the plan addresses fears of cross-subsidies, which occur when a firm's cash-generating business feeds future growth.

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"You really want that business to stand on its own," he said.

The idea of a split has been around for a long time, but Whitworth said it makes sense now.

"We've been spending the last three years getting these platforms in place, getting them cleaned up," Whitworth said. "There's been a lot of focus on efficiency [and] innovation…. I'm really excited about it as a large investor."