HP CEO defends 'back to the future' split plan

Through the prism of the Good, Bad and Ugly on Wall Street, here are three top items for investors on Monday.

The Bad (or the Good)

Should HP have split 3 years ago?
Should HP have split 3 years ago?

Splitting Hewlett-Packard was the "best alternative," CEO Meg Whitman told CNBC on Monday. She said the move reflects the next evolution in a five-year turnaround effort that has two years to go. HP plans to split into two listed companies—separating its computer and printer businesses from its faster-growing corporate hardware and services operations. Though the stock was up strongly in early trading on the news, the bad for investors could be that the split didn't happen three years ago.

The Ugly

CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden said on "Squawk Box" ahead of his White House meeting with President Barack Obama that if the West African outbreak of Ebola isn't contained, the U.S. could find itself with another patient with the disease.

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The Good

Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.
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The stock market was on a rollercoaster last week, but ended up pretty much where it started. At one point last week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was more than 300 points lower than where it closed Friday. And blue chips picked up where they left off last week, with the Dow opening sharply higher Monday.