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Ridiculously extravagant purchases of the filthy rich

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Ridiculously extravagant purchases

For as long as there have been celebrities, there have been stories about their extravagant spending. Many of these stories are just urban legends, but many others are true, and while the average Joe may respond to them with contempt, make no mistake, it's contempt laced with bitter jealousy.

Fashion Fix CEO Christie Maruka is a celebrity stylist and personal shopper who has conducted such transactions on behalf of her clients. Her signature appears on an abundance of confidentiality agreements, so she can't name any names. However, salespeople are not bound by such agreements, and she said that they're often the source of these stories.

"Sales people immediately turn to their many social media sites," she said. "They post a picture, they write about it, they Instagram it. … Then it gets back to the designer, who'll make an 'as seen on' ad campaign."

So why do the celebrities make these purchases in the first place if they don't want anyone to know what they paid?

"They want to be the one to have it first," Maruka said. "They take to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and it gives the impression that they're the leader of the pack in fashion and style."

Read ahead and see some examples of luxury goods purchased with extraordinary sums of celebrity cash.

—By CNBC's Daniel Bukszpan

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