This $4,000 toothbrush is not for the everyday Joe

Reinast toothbrush
Source: Reinast | Facebook

Oral hygiene just got a major upgrade with a $4,000 luxury toothbrush, reports Gizmodo.

The Reinast Luxury Toothbrush took four years to develop, including material experimentation to control groups to decide which prototype was most comfortable.

The final product incorporates a solid titanium handle and a detachable bristle head that must be replaced every two months—the bristle replacements will ultimately cost double the cost of the toothbrush over your lifetime. Reinast offers three different bristle replacement plans: 5 years for $400, 7 years for $800, or 11 years for $1,600.

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Although Reinast's high profile clientele cannot be disclosed, Djokovic told Gizmodo one Middle Eastern sultan gives out Reinast toothbrushes as gifts. The company also created a custom-built, diamond-encrusted version for a Middle Eastern sultanate.

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