Bill Gross wants to 'whip the pants' off Pimco

Bill Gross
Jim Young | Reuters

With the obligatory post-departure diplomacy behind him, Bill Gross is ready to take down his former employer, Pimco, and anyone else who gets in his way.

The man whom Wall Street calls the "bond king" began his new gig this week at Janus Capital after 43 years with Pimco, the firm he founded and which he left a week and a half ago in dramatic fashion.

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Now that he's settling in, Gross said he's ready to show the investing world that he still has what it takes to rule the fixed income world.

"I'm in it to whip the pants off anybody competing on the same football field," Gross told InvestmentNews, adding that it is his "constructive obsession" to beat the competition.

To make that happen, he's going to have to overcome a world of doubt.