BMC Remedy With Smart IT Brings Personalized, Intuitive Experiences to the Service Desk

HOUSTON, Oct. 7, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The traditional IT service desk has long struggled to provide support with inelegant, complex tools that are constrained by outdated processes and solutions lacking mobility and collaboration. Today, BMC is shattering this paradigm with the introduction of BMC Remedy with Smart IT, an intelligent, mobile and beautiful IT service management (ITSM) solution that revolutionizes the IT service desk experience. The first of its kind, the BMC Remedy with Smart IT solution takes full advantage of advancements in user experience, combined with the trusted back-end of the Remedy IT Service Management Suite of products to bring service workers new levels of productivity, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Last February, BMC launched MyIT 2.0, a radically innovative application that has empowered more than one million people to manage their own IT needs through a highly intuitive, collaborative mobile and social experience. Now, with the launch of Smart IT, BMC fills the back-office piece of the IT transformation equation and together, these intuitive solutions provide the best user experience for the people in IT and the consumers of IT.

"IT has often been left behind when it comes to a compelling, modern use of technology," said Robin Purohit, president of the service support business at BMC. "Today BMC is changing this paradigm and recognizing IT service desk employees as the first-line enablers of employee productivity. By extending Smart IT to the back-office, IT workers can now realize the same engaging, transformational experience that MyIT brings to the consumers of IT services."

Powered by the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite solution, the market-leading ITSM solution, Smart IT provides a first of its kind intelligent, collaborative and real-time service experience with modern features such as:

Mobility: Smart IT treats mobility as fully strategic, allowing access to comprehensive capabilities via mobile devices, to enable faster remote service delivery.

Intelligent Interaction: Proactively populating customer profile data and dynamic resource suggestions in a single smart field, Smart IT enables IT professionals to see the complete view of the consumer and deliver a more personal experience quickly, improving overall satisfaction and the cost of service.

Social: Smart IT delivers social discussion tools, personalized profiles, and collaborative editing to create a platform of teamwork and sharing that quickens issue resolution and speeds new staff ramp up times.


The BMC Remedy with Smart IT solution is immediately available with no additional license fees to existing Remedy customers (version 7.6.04 SP2 or above). For more information, visit

BMC also today announced a new strategic initiative to put people at the heart of IT and enable faster, more successful digital transformation. Developed under this initiative, BMC Remedy with Smart IT introduces new capabilities that "bring IT to life" through intuitive social and collaboration tools that unite employees and IT, while fostering delivery of digital services that directly engage customers, partners and stakeholders.

Supporting Quotes:

"The IT team at Cornell is looking forward to leveraging the new ITSM experience that Remedy with Smart IT will offer," said Benoit McNicoll, collaboration services manager at Cornell University. "We believe this modern, easy-to-use interface will help IT staff across the university work more productively. Smart IT is promising for the institution, and we feel it gives us a new venue for IT services, as well as an added desire to leverage more features of Remedy."

"There is an major industry shift underway in relation to how individuals and companies interact, collaborate, and leverage IT resources & technology," said Robert Young, research manager, enterprise system management software and cloud & virtualization system software at IDC. "BMC MyIT already helps numerous organizations improve the way their business users interact with IT. Now, Remedy with Smart IT stands to improve how IT Service Desk personnel engage with the ITSM technology they use. Smart IT provides the IT community an intelligence that enables enhanced service delivery and response times so both sides of the service desk are satisfied."

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