Dynatrace Announces Early Access to New Data Center RUM Release With Self-Learning Analytics

New Generation of App-Aware NPM Solution Reduces Fault Domain Isolation From Hours to Seconds

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 7, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dynatrace PERFORM Global User Conference -- Dynatrace, (formerly Compuware APM) the leader in user-centric application performance management (APM), today announced its early access program for Data Center Real User Monitoring (DC RUM) 12.3, delivering powerful self-learning analytics which simplifies the identification and resolution of bottlenecks in production systems, saving organizations hours or days of troubleshooting.

With the addition of automatic discovery and configuration, and dynamic diagnosis, Dynatrace DC RUM cuts down the time it takes to learn why an application is slow, and enables IT professionals to proactively improve on users' satisfaction and SLAs. Existing customers can take advantage of these new innovations immediately by joining the Dynatrace DC RUM v12.3 early access program.

Dynatrace DC RUM is part of the Dynatrace family of products, which delivers a simple to use solution to enable IT professionals to manage the complexity of modern networks and applications. By combining its expertise in both application and network performance analysis, Dynatrace captures the complete set of insights that organizations need to efficiently and effectively manage performance and end user experiences.

"Our continued commitment to delivering innovation in Data Center RUM ensures our customers can manage the network and all applications in their increasingly sophisticated environments," said Steve Tack, Vice President of Product Management for Dynatrace. "Virtualized infrastructure, increased leverage of SaaS-delivered applications and more mobile and web demand from the edge of the Internet has made managing the entire application delivery chain a necessity. The result is a critical need for app-aware network performance insight that DC RUM uniquely provides to manage technical performance and business results."

Key benefits of the latest version of Dynatrace Data Center RUM include:

  • Self-learns application behavior and performance conditions down to individual transactions, assuring performance problems are identified and consumer and employee impact is prevented.
  • Dynamically diagnoses performance bottlenecks, and immediately triages to the responsible fault domain; including network quality, third-party performance, client delays and more to assure the responsible team addresses the performance issues.
  • Self-Learning FDI Analytics are leveraged across Dynatrace's industry-leading application insight; including SAP, Oracle EBS, HTTP/S, Database, WebSphere MQ, VoIP and more.
  • New network performance analysis dashboards and workflows rapidly assess and triage network issues, including packet-level analysis and understanding of deep metrics such as MAC and VLAN data.
  • Zero-configuration monitoring automatically discovers and measures all application transactions to simplify performance management and reduce time-to-value.

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