vitaTrackr Expands Management Team

Baltimore, Oct. 7, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Drs. David Ellis and Pat Hezmall join vitaTrackr, Inc., the global leader in organizing an independent and agnostic health data market as vitaTrackr co-chief medical officers.

Brian Baum, founder and CEO of vitaTrackr said, "The opportunities to further integrate data into the practice of medicine are profound. Despite the Federal Government investing billions of dollars to encourage investment in electronic medical record systems; "data-based" care in the health industry remains largely untapped. vitaTrackr is thrilled to have Drs. Ellis and Hezmall now aiding vitaTrackr in providing an industry-wide solution helping to enable true "data-based" care."

Both of the Dallas area, Drs. David Ellis and Pat Hezmall have extensive experience on the clinical and business side of medicine. Together they helped organize Urology Associates of North Texas, one of the nation's largest fully integrated urology practices and the formation of USMD Holdings a physician owned health system they took public in 2012. Beyond this, they have worked extensively in proactive health management, wellness, and health data utilization to improve patient engagement and delivery of care.

"Physicians are frustrated with the lack of interoperability between EMR systems and the inability to recognize the value of their investment in technology," said Dr. Ellis.

Dr. Hezmall added, "as the focus of care shifts to an outcomes based reimbursement model, the need for ongoing data that provides health indicators becomes essential. Accountable Care Organizations are now managing risk and must track and manage outcomes. The tools are there in the form of mobile apps, monitoring devices and other sources of third party health data, but there is no convenient way for a physician to access these data sources."

Dr. Ellis stated that the vitaTrackr data marketplace approach solves many challenges physicians face including interoperability and dynamic connectivity. That is, not knowing all the data sources they may need to have access to.

Baum added, "Drs. Ellis and Hezmall will be instrumental in ensuring that the functionality and structure of the vitaTrackr health data marketplace is optimized for the clinical community. They share our vision for a more efficient health system; vitaTrackr is fortunate for their additions to the team.

About vitaTrackr.

vitaTrackr is a health data marketplace that facilitates the movement of health data from the point at which it is created to qualified destinations that value it. vitaTrackr is an industry-wide utility that benefits all, but advantages no individual sector or entity. The consumer, (data owner) authorizes data transfers.


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