How Samsung plans to get inside your company

Amidst growing competition from giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft in the enterprise space, Samsung is now ramping up its efforts in tackling the business market.

The company is planning to launch a new set of services beginning early next year that aim to make it the go-to solutions provider for companies' technology needs.

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The new suite of business offerings, dubbed Samsung 360 Services, is the company's push to become a help desk of sorts for businesses IT departments.

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"It's understanding what problems they want to solve and then what applications that they either have or that they want to develop and then helping them figure out how to build them or assist them in building them," said Sam Phillips of Samsung's Global Enterprise Security Services. "It's really about helping solve that complex problem."

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The customizable services range from technical support to security solutions to even having a Samsung employee embedded in a client's business as an on-site support manager and technology consultant.

"Having somebody on site with you is key to your success because that person is now physically there and they are with you and can help us understand what is going on within the culture and activities of the company and put a perspective on it that somebody sitting in a call center or is only with you on a periodic basis can't really gather," Phillips said.

An embedded Samsung employee would also serve as an in-house salesman to push Samsung and partner products, he said.

"They are going to help be our eyes and ears, as well as our customers' eyes and ears back into Samsung and really facilitating the dialogue of support solutions moving forward," he said.

So far, Samsung has rolled out its new services product in beta with several Fortune 1000 companies, but it declined to identify the businesses. Phillips said the industries that have shown interest include health care, transportation and finance.

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Samsung 360 Services will launch early next year, beginning in the U.S., Phillips said. Pricing will be based on a per-user model and on what services a company signs up for, he said.