LiveHive Launches New Capabilities in its Sales Engagement Platform

SAN JOSE , CA, CALIF., Oct. 8, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, on the cusp of Dreamforce, LiveHive, whose cloud-based sales engagement platform provides real-time intelligence based on customer engagement with digital content, introduced new capabilities that deliver the deepest and most comprehensive insights into customer engagement yet. LiveHive now gives sales reps the ability for the first time to see what page and for how long a customer views any Microsoft or PDF document; get real-time engagement analytics after a document is downloaded; and instantly receive alerts and profile information for recipients of forwarded documents.

LiveHive provides all of the new capabilities as part of a seamless mobile experience and delivers instant synchronization in with just one click. Available later this Fall, Salesforce users will also have the capability to pull and use Salesforce email templates to quickly and consistently reach out to their prospects right from their Gmail or Outlook email client.

"LiveHive's goal is to deliver the industry gold standard for a sales engagement platform, and this announcement helps us achieve that goal on every level," said Ramon Nuñez, CEO for LiveHive. "LiveHive's platform provides unmatched visibility into what's driving customer engagement, so sales professionals can quickly spot and focus their energies on the hottest leads – closing deals faster by working smarter, not harder."

"Our sales organization has already strengthened its competitive edge as a result of LiveHive's ability to quickly show a prospect's real-time interactions with our digital content," said Jim Weldon, VP of Sales and Business Development at Infinilume Corp. "LiveHive's new capabilities will give us even deeper insights into a prospect's interest, and because LiveHive is seamlessly integrated with our CRM, our sales teams can keep the focus on sales rather than wasting time on non sales-related things like working in two separate systems."

LiveHive: Solving the Top Sales Challenges for Customer Engagement

According to a Gleanster 2014 Customer Experience Management Survey, the top two challenges with customer engagement are: longer sales cycles (89%), and establishing relationships with buyers (72%). LiveHive lets sales reps engage with prospects in the most effective way and build a more qualified pipeline of leads, increasing sales productivity and reducing the sales cycle with:

• The deepest real-time engagement analytics – enabling sales to get a more complete customer engagement profile by instantly knowing where and who viewed a document, what was viewed, when and for how long on what page, for any digital content (including emails, MS Office, Google Docs, web pages, PowerPoint presentations, links and images)
• More insight for faster and real-time prospect ranking – extending the tracking journey of a digital document to show document views and page-by-page metrics even after downloads and providing profile data for recipients of forwarded documents
• A seamless mobile experience – leveraging LiveHive's powerful and extensible content sharing platform
In a sales acceleration market that's projected to reach $30 billion by 2017 (InsideSales), LiveHive offers the broadest feature set of any other sales engagement platform.

To see a live demonstration of LiveHive's sales engagement platform, visit LiveHive during Dreamforce at Booth #W7.

About LiveHive
Headquartered in San Jose, California, LiveHive is a software startup whose cloud-based sales engagement platform transforms professional sales by providing real-time intelligence based on customer engagement with electronic documents and other digital content. Seamlessly integrated with existing CRM systems, the LiveHive platform empowers sales professionals to create a better pipeline of leads through real-time customer context for tailored follow-up based on an 'insight-selling' approach. Leveraging LiveHive, sales professionals can quickly rank top prospects and gain competitive advantage – all within their daily sales tool set.

With $6.7 million in funding from Acero Capital, and prominent advisors from Google, Facebook, and Blackboard, among others, LiveHive addresses the need for sales acceleration solutions in a rapidly evolving sales world. For more information, visit

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