Photo Release -- Dynatrace New Free Service Enables Any Business to Compare Their Users' Mobile and Web Experience Against Their Peers

Dynatrace Opens Access to Its Global Benchmarks Data; Digital Channel Owners Can Now Understand and Optimize the Quality of Their End Users' Experience

With the new Dynatrace Performance Test organizations can see how their digital performance ranks against the best in their industry and learn where their site aligns or deviates from the best practices of top performers.

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 8, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dynatrace PERFORM Global User Conference -- Dynatrace, (formerly Compuware APM) the leader in user-centric application performance management (APM), today announced Performance Test, a new free online service that analyzes a company's site from the perspective of mobile and web users, and compares their experience to Dynatrace benchmark data. Try the Performance Test here.

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Web and mobile site owners can simply enter their web URL, choose a location to measure from and an industry to compare to. A report is instantly generated to help business leaders understand the quality of their end users' digital experience. Additionally, the new Performance Test also compares a company's site to one of Dynatrace's industry standard benchmarks, the most comprehensive source of industry-based mobile and web performance comparative measurements.

"For the first time ever, organizations can see how their digital performance ranks against the best in their industry and learn where their site aligns or deviates from the best practices of top performers," said John Van Siclen, General Manager at Dynatrace. "We know that applications are the life blood of businesses today, which is why I'm excited that we can now provide business leaders the power to quickly assess their most critical applications. Better yet, it's fast, simple and free."

According to Forrester, nothing kills an online sale quicker than a sluggish website.i "It is important to benchmark your site performance. Not just the load of the home page, but several buying scenarios. These benchmarks will serve as your goal to get faster. With clear visibility into the actual performance of their site(s) from the end user's perspective…eBusiness professionals can prioritize which sites or countries need attention based on speed deltas between each country and revenue," wrote Peter Sheldon, Vice President and Principal Analyst, eCommerce Strategy at Forrester Research.i

Performance Test features include:

  • Report Card: Not only does the report card show performance results, but it also ranks a company's site against their peers. The Performance Test performs a mobile phone and desktop browser visit to a company's URL from one of Dynatrace's thousands of testing locations, collect in-depth performance data and prepare a custom performance analysis. The analysis includes a high-level summary which compares response time and page size for mobile and web user experiences against the top competitors in their industry.
  • Response Time Industry Comparison: Shows where a site ranks against all companies in the benchmark. Organizations can see where they and their competitors stack up for mobile and web.
  • Content Analysis: Shows important metrics for both mobile and web compared to the best and worst response time performers, making it easy to see optimization opportunities. The metrics measured include: 1). the number of hosts the site connects to; 2). the number of connections it makes; 3). the number of requests for content; and 4). the number of bytes retrieved and compares them all to competitors.
  • Response Time Breakdown: Offers a "waterfall" chart that provides a timeline view of a site's response time and the performance of each interaction a browser has with the site. The Response Time Breakdown can help pinpoint performance problems to specific pieces of content or particular servers or networks.

"I challenge every company to take the Performance Test, utilize the data from our global monitoring network and find out what experience you are actually providing to your end users," said Van Siclen. "Now there's nothing stopping business leaders from taking control of the performance of their critical applications so that they can optimize every digital moment for their employees and customers."

Try the Performance Test here.

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i Forrester Research: "Optimize Performance for Global eCommerce," by Peter Sheldon, March 14, 2014.

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