CuraService Joins Forces With ManyWho to Provide Technological Safety Solutions for Nordic Dementia Patients

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 9, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ManyWho, The Cloud Workflow Company, is pleased to announce it has been selected by CuraService to provide applications that facilitate safe access to the underlying Saleforce database. These applications will provide streamlined workflow processes for CuraService's many organizational partners and customers, such as telecoms companies, alarm providers, local authority organizations and not-for-profit's.

Norwegian organization CuraService, a subsidiary of GainGrowth, is using technology to better serve the needs of those with dementia, helping to keep them safe, whilst protecting their civil liberties. CuraService hope to become a leading light in the use of devices and the Internet of Things, exploiting the technology for use in healthcare.

CuraService has spearheaded a solution which provides a GPS wristband to citizens affected by dementia. The wristband tracks the location of the citizen and alerts a call center, 'Alarm Central', should they leave the security of their pre-defined safe geo-fenced environment.

The service will reduce the tax-payers' cost burden as well as providing a safe and more considerate response to those that can often present a significant danger to themselves through no fault of their own. In Norway twenty to thirty dementia patients die each year when they leave their safe environment.

Lars Ole Mathisen, CEO of CuraService AS comments "CuraService needed a solution which could respond quickly to our expanding demands. Our call center operation is growing rapidly and in as little as nine months we anticipate the center handling up to 100,000 calls a year. With our growing network of partners, access to the underlying database is crucial to appropriately facilitate our standardized workflow processes. It is essential that we build robust applications now. ManyWho is the enabler to help us achieve that."

Phase one of the project sees ManyWho providing a front-end to the CuraService Salesforce instance in the call center, allowing call handling representatives to work within the existing workflow by providing a workflow layer over and above the existing architecture. Phase two will see the roll-out of additional functionality. The ManyWho platform will enable the sending of SMS messages and the provision of mobile apps to the patient's relatives and carers.

Commenting on the deal, Dave Norris, director and co-founder, ManyWho said "We are pleased to be able help CuraService develop a market leading solution with the speed and agility they need to stay ahead. When it comes to creating new processes and on-boarding new partners, CuraService are now able to do so quickly, easily and cost effectively."

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About CuraService and CuraGuard

CuraGuard is an innovative platform for managing information from and to what we call devices, used in the care sector. This can be GPS devices, smoke alarms, door sensors, fridge sensors etc. - where alarms from these should be handled according to new requirements and standards. CuraGuard is cloud-based and opens up for an effective collaboration between municipal staff, dependents and any NGO´s that may have a role in the future care of the elderly. CuraService currently offers tracking and localization services focused on strong privacy policy for users. We use GPS to prevent unwanted wandering among those with dementia.

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