The Dangers of Decorative Lenses

FRESNO, Calif., Oct. 9, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Halloween is right around the corner, and EYE-Q Vision Care wants to remind people about the hazards of wearing non-prescription decorative contact lenses. With the debut of Ryan Murphy's Freak Show taking center stage last night, it might be tempting to put on a pair of lenses to make you look like your favorite American Horror Story character. However, EYE-Q warns that wearing decorative lenses can be risky. The risk is so great that the FDA, the American Optometry Association, and the Entertainment Industries Council (EIC) have joined forces to create a public service campaign designed to raise awareness about the serious damage decorative lenses can cause and the importance of proper use.

Entertainment industry makeup and special effects artists from the TV series American Horror Story are featured in a first-of-its-kind public service campaign. The PSA uses clips from the popular TV show along with interviews with professional makeup artists and optometrists to emphasize the importance of the proper use of costume lenses. Custom hand-painted contact lenses play a big part in American Horror Story's special effects and costume design. The show's makeup and special effects department follows strict safety measures in order to protect the vision of their actors. Each actor is required to go through a special design and fitting process by a licensed eye care professional before they are allowed to wear costume lenses. Once fitted, only FDA-approved prescription lenses are used to create the illusion. Actor safety is always the number one priority.

Contact lenses are considered a medical device that is regulated by the FDA. Purchasing contact lenses of any type requires a valid prescription from a licensed eye care provider. They are not a one-size fits all type of device. Proper fit requires that the eyes be examined to determine prescription strength and overall health. Eyes are then measured to determine the appropriate size and best type of lens. Poor fit and improper care can cause a number of potentially vision-threatening problems.

  • Scratches to the cornea
  • Corneal infections
  • Conjunctivitis/pink eye
  • Allergic reactions like itchy, watery red eyes
  • Decreased vision
  • Pain in the eye that doesn't go away after a short period of time
  • Blindness

While decorative lenses can help make a great costume, the risk of using low-cost, non-prescription lenses are not worth the price of your vision.

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