These college majors will get you a job ...

How to choose your college major

A new survey from a franchise staffing firm lists the top college majors that make someone the most employable.

And it also lists the majors that make someone the least employable.

According to Express Employment Professionals—which polled 115 of its franchise outlets across the U.S. on employer preferences—business is the top college major for prospective workers at 27 percent.

That's the second year in a row that business led the survey.

Business actually had a 1 point increase this year over last year as a top college major for employers.

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"It was much stronger than we expected," said Bob Funk, CEO of Express and a former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

"Business majors are the best bet when it comes to getting hired," he said.

Other top majors were engineering (20 percent), accounting (14 percent), nursing (6 percent) and computer and information sciences (5 percent).

Those on the bottom included math and statistics (1 percent), science technologies (1 percent), communications technologies and finance (both at 0 percent)

"We were a little surprised that the IT sections were so low," Funk said.

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He said that may be due to businesses feeling there's a lack of IT-qualified candidates and no need to even try to hire them. Finance was also low, Funk said, because most of the businesses that gave their preferences are not on Wall Street.

Funk added that he sees no shortage of overall employment opportunities. He said Express has around 20,000 job openings a week to fill.

The chart below offers the complete list.