Yarmouth Veterinary Center Opens Online Pharmacy

YARMOUTH, Maine, Oct. 12, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Yarmouth veterinary facility wishes to make area pet owners aware of a new option for ordering prescription medications and other products. According to Dr. Louise LeBoeuf, Yarmouth Veterinary Center has added an online pharmacy to its roster of veterinary services in an effort to serve the needs of local animals as conveniently as possible. "Not all pet pharmacies are created equal, so we want people to turn to our online portal as a trusted source for all their Web-based veterinary product orders. It's always best to order through a clinic," said Dr. LeBoeuf.

The veterinarian describes the online pharmacy as a comprehensive, user-friendly portion of the clinic's main website where owners can fill prescriptions for a wide range of pet health conditions. She notes that the site has separate tabs that categorize the available products under "Cats" and "Dogs" to facilitate searches and ensure that the correct products are ordered. Many of the medication options are listed by ailment, including conditions such as anxiety, allergies, coughs, diabetes, eye diseases, seizure disorders, thyroid conditions, and urinary system issues.

Dr. LeBoeuf adds that common preventative medications such as heartworm, flea and tick protection get their own tabs at the top of the pharmacy page. "These medications are so critical to sustaining animals' wellbeing that we want to make it as easy as possible for owners to notice the tabs and keep placing orders as needed," she said.

The online pharmacy sells more than just medications. According to the practitioner, owners can also place orders from a wide range of special dietary products and nutritional supplements. She states that these products, when used as directed by the clinic, can help with weight loss, joint pain, allergies, blood sugar levels, and dental health. This part of the pharmacy also includes foods formulated for puppies, kittens, adult animals, and senior/geriatric pets.

Dr. LeBoeuf emphasizes the need for pet owners to choose their online pharmacy options wisely. She points out that there many illegitimate companies masquerading as proper pharmaceutical ordering services, not only for humans but also for pets. The practitioner urges owners to avoid any company that is willing to fulfill an order for pharmaceuticals without a veterinary prescription. "The drugs ordered through these companies may be expired, tainted or even incorrect, putting your pet in serious danger. When in doubt, it is always best to place your online pet pharmaceutical orders through a verified veterinary website," she explained.

The clinic is currently offering an incentive to encourage new accounts. Each pet owner who creates a new account on the pet pharmacy will receive an automatic coupon for $10 off their purchase.

In addition to its online and in-house pet pharmacies, Yarmouth Veterinary Center offers diagnostic testing, surgery, dental and general medical care, vaccinations, house calls and boarding services for area pets.

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