Extra cash for good behavior at Cohen's Point72

Steve Cohen's new family office is taking a largely unprecedented step to push employees to be highly ethical and civic-minded: a cash bonus.

The sullied billionaire investor continued his rebranding campaign in October after the hedge fund firm he founded, SAC Capital Advisors, pleaded guilty to criminal insider trading charges and agreed to $1.8 billion fine and to stop managing external capital. Cohen has hired new senior leaders for Point72 Asset Management, including a former federal prosecutor as "chief surveillance officer" and a former McKinsey & Co. director as president.

The recently announced "Rewarding What Matters" bonus system is for stock investment teams based in the U.S., the family office's main strategy.

According to Point72 spokesman Mark Herr, the up-to-4 percent bonus is tied to a combination of criteria including "sustainable and repeatable" investment returns and "significant contributions" to the firm and community outside of financial performance. Internally, that includes "adhering to the highest ethical standards" and helping train analysts. Externally, it can be nonprofit work, such as running a charitable foundation.