Medlert Inc. Releases "Web Version" of Medlert Connect

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, CALIF., Oct. 13, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Medlert Inc. announces the release of a free web version of Medlert Connect. The web version complements the existing mobile, cloud-based platform for scheduling non-emergent medical transport.

"We built a Web version of Medlert Connect to respond to customer demand," said David Emanuel, Medlert CEO. "While we know the future is in mobile and cloud, we are committed to helping our customers with the transition."

Medlert Connect enables ambulance service providers to offer healthcare facilities a fast, secure, and cloud-based solution for ordering medical transports on mobile or web-enabled devices.

With Medlert Connect, healthcare professionals can securely message an ambulance dispatcher to request medical transport without making a phone call. The dispatcher can then message back an acknowledgement within a couple of seconds, confirming the time or suggesting an alternative

Medlert Connect also helps ambulance service providers improve operational and billing efficiency and reduce days outstanding, which improves cash flow. The web version of Medlert Connect will be available at no charge to customers that subscribe to the mobile Medlert Connect platform.

"Customer experience is pivotal to every product we deliver to our customer's hands," said Ernest Semerda, Medlert CTO. "To help our customers move toward mobile engagement, we built a cross-browser compatible free Web version of the Connect product. This bridge allows our customers–with any desktop or tablet browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Opera–to start making transport requests with the same fast and HIPAA-secure method available in our mobile offering."

In use in more than 45 healthcare facilities today, Medlert Connect allows nurses and discharge managers to order medical transports from any mobile or web-enabled device without interrupting their work flow.

"Since its launch, Medlert Connect platform users report nurses now spend less than two minutes ordering a medical transport, when it used take 10 or more," said Emanuel. "This is a big win, for healthcare facilities, nurses, patients, and for ambulance service providers."

About Medlert, Inc.

Medlert Inc. is a San Francisco-based software company that builds mobile and web, cloud-based solutions for the healthcare ecosystem, including the EMS industry. The Medlert Connect platform offers healthcare providers a seamless way to order ambulance transport and simplifies payment and paperwork. Medlert Connect is available for desktop, iOS, and Android.

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