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Lightning Round: Disney, General Electric & More


Ding ding ding! The bell has rung, and it's time for the Lightning Round. Cramer makes the call on viewer favorites.

Disney: "I think this stock is in the grips again of fear, as are many of the theme parks and travel and leisure. If this stock goes below $80 I think we will look back and say 'what was I thinking, why didn't I buy any?'. Let's wait until it gets there or we become stable news on Ebola"

Vivint Solar (VSLR): "Too speculative, when first solar is getting hit as hard as it is I'm not going to go out down the food chain to Vivint

General Electric (GE): "You have to stay the course with GE… I'm not going to cut and run"

AT&T: "When this stock gets to 30-31, you should just pull the trigger. It's just not that bad of a company"

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Himax Technologies: "A very speculative stock … We will not revisit this stock"

Delta Airlines: "This stock has come down a lot. That 12% that delta is up will be wiped out. We should use extreme caution with the airlines. If we get another Ebola incident, that will slice right through that 12%. So don't pull the trigger yet"

Morgan Stanley: "We are going to wait until they report. It's a really good company, they're doing quite well. But I think it can go lower if it doesn't report a perfect number. It has to be perfect, and it's not that great for me"

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