Intel shares have defied trends—here's what it's doing right.

Intel shares have risen this year, bucking a few trends, including a falling semiconductor sector and a lackluster Dow 30.

While the company has not become immersed in the mobile device space yet, it continues to be a staple in the laptop and desktop market.

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Geoff Tompkinson | Getty Images

Dan Costa, editor in chief of, said Intel is exactly where it wants to be.

"People forget that in cloud computing, all of those servers require processors and Intel is powering a lot of those processors. That's really helped their stock price," Costa said.

And there's room for Intel to grow. The company has made investments in digital homes and wearables, which could begin to pay off.

The mobile space is another growth area. Costa wants to know what Intel will get into next, and consumers and investors will have to wait and see if it could get into U.S. handset manufacturing and become a staple in the smartphones of tomorrow.

The chipmaker reports earnings after the bell on Tuesday.