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Why the stock market selloff may be nearing an end

Saudi Arabia, from swing producer to price maker?

Earnings season could break the stock market's bear run, despite the oil slick that continues to trip up stocks.

Stocks rallied Tuesday but gave up big gains as oil's decline accelerated, dragging the S&P energy sector down over 1 percent and sending 15 of the S&P 500 energy names to 52-week or multi-year lows. The S&P energy sector is down over 4 percent so far this week and has declined 20 percent since June, making it the only major sector to be in a bear market.

But several analysts say they are not discouraged by the market's behavior and expect it to recover as investors focus on improving earnings instead. Oil has been a negative factor for a market that has been jittery about slowing global growth and other factors, like worries about a broader Ebola scare.