Banco Azteca Signs Financial Education Agreement With the National School of Professional Technical Education in Mexico

MEXICO CITY, Oct. 15, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Banco Azteca, the first Latin American bank focused on the base of the pyramid and a Grupo Salinas company, announced today that it signed a financial education agreement with the National School of Professional Technical Education (CONALEP in Spanish), an organization that provides technical training for productive activities in Mexico.

"Since we started operations 12 years ago, we found that sharing knowledge enriches us all, even more if we do it interactively, discussing and learning in the process, because this way we get the best ideas," said Luis Niño de Rivera, CEO of Banco Azteca.

"CONALEP is a system designed to go hand in hand with Mexican entrepreneurs. These young people that are the present of Mexico are also planning to be their own financial administrators, and now with this alliance with Banco Azteca they will have a financial culture, they will manage resources to maximize profit," added Candita Victoria Gil Jimenez, General Director of CONALEP.

The Agreement of Educational Collaboration with CONALEP is part of the Financial Education and Small Businesses Program of Banco Azteca in Mexico, which includes 20 financial education workshops entitled "Toward Financial Freedom."

The goals of the workshop are:

  • Create awareness about the importance of making informed financial decisions, citing the importance of savings.
  • Teach the basics about household and small business budgets, how to use credit, and how to prepare for unforeseen events through insurance and retirement planning.
  • Create a network of resources for support and tools to improve financial well being.

As part of Banco Azteca's commitment to the welfare of families, the company will extend the program to the parents of the students, by means of a short film "My Business and my Assets" that provides advice on personal finance and how to start and succeed in small business. The screenings are followed by a discussion session.

The first round of 20 workshops will be held in 307 schools in Mexico City, the State of Mexico and the state of Queretaro.

The workshops include support material including an award-winning financial education comic series that focuses on topics such as: household budgets, savings, credit, and more.

Grupo Salinas believes financial education is an important tool to create inclusive financial and social systems, as well as a pillar for economic development.

Banco Azteca Profile

Banco Azteca is a financial institution that provides personal, group and collateral loans, credit cards, and commission-free savings accounts. The bank operates in Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Peru and Brazil. It is one of the largest banks in Mexico in terms of coverage, with more than 4,000 points of sale. Banco Azteca is backed by Grupo Elektra's more than six decades of experience in granting credit, state-of-the-art technology, as well as solid management practices, tailored financial products for the base of the pyramid and an unmatched collection system.

Grupo Salinas Profile

Grupo Salinas ( is a group of dynamic, fast growing, and technologically advanced companies focused on creating shareholder value, building Mexico's middle class, and improving society through excellence. Created by Mexican entrepreneur Ricardo B. Salinas (, Grupo Salinas operates as a management development and decision forum for the top leaders of member companies. These companies include: Azteca ( ; Azteca America (, Grupo Elektra (, Banco Azteca (, Advance America (, Afore Azteca (, Seguros Azteca ( and Grupo Iusacell ( Each of the Grupo Salinas companies operates independently, with its own management, board of directors and shareholders. Grupo Salinas has no equity holdings.

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