National Survey Examines Effects of Pre-Hire Testing on Healthcare Staffing

GREENSBORO, N.C., Oct. 15, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prophecy Healthcare®, Inc. has released the results of a survey examining the pre-hire testing initiatives taken by healthcare staffing companies to select top employees. The survey sheds new light on how clinical competency testing alone falls short of predicting job performance, leaving key performance flaws undetected. The survey produces actionable data helping agencies generate the best presentation of candidates during a time when nurses play a key role in facility reimbursements.

"While clinical job knowledge is incredibly important, that only attributes 1/3 of the key performance dimensions that play into top performing clinicians. Today's nurses are expected to possess the right balance of clinical job knowledge, personality attributes, and interpersonal skills," said Melissa Spangler, Vice President of Client Experiences. "We are elated to find that clients using all three components of testing, indeed, are finding the same positive results as our initial research study. Assessing more than clinical knowledge leads to fewer DNRs, longer placements, and higher caliber candidates. All these benefits lead to positive patient experiences and strengthened client relationships."

Key findings from the study include:

  • 100% of respondents using Prophecy's three components found that candidates using the Prophecy system consistently generate higher performance ratings than those not selected using Prophecy.
  • Agencies who experience Prophecy improving the caliber of candidates being selected adhere to the recommended Angoff Cutoff scores on Prophecy's validated clinical competency exams.
  • 100% of respondents who did NOT adhere to the Prophecy recommended Angoff cutscores, also found that they were unable to improve the caliber of employees selected
  • 100% of the respondents using Prophecy's validated clinical competency exams find the assessments are effective at measuring a clinician's clinical job skills needed on the first day of the job.
  • Agencies find that candidates selected using Prophecy have a decreased risk for behavioral DNRs due to better attitude screening.
  • Candidates feel Prophecy's level of testing enhances their chances of being selected over another nurse.

"We've been using Prophecy's clinical competency exams for 9 years and trust the reliability of the assessments results for verifying clinical job knowledge skills. The Angoff Scores protect our hiring decisions, and therefore our clients', by Prophecy's validation statistics being readily accessible for us, should any hiring decisions be challenged," commented Michelle Brudigan, RN BSN, Vice President of Clinical Services, Fastaff® Travel Nursing.

The results of this survey reveal that staffing clients who take a holistic approach to testing - involving clinical job knowledge exams, behavioral assessments and soft skill analyses - should anticipate an increase in the caliber of nurses selected for presentation, a higher placement ratio, and extended facility assignments.

About Prophecy Healthcare,®

Originally founded in 2004 as, Prophecy Healthcare got its start as the first online Pre-Employment Testing Company exclusive to the Healthcare Industry. Initially focusing solely on clinical assessments measuring clinical competencies, efforts to exceed industry expectations led to isolating critical competencies missed in traditional testing initiatives, such as stress tolerance, critical thinking, and teamwork skills. Prophecy's three-pronged approach to testing ensures nurses have the right mix of clinical competence, personality attributes, and interpersonal skills to provide safe and effective patient care while adding to an overall positive experience. For more information about Prophecy, visit or call 336.802.1070.

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