Ricardo B. Salinas Presents "Una Vida Por La Libertad" Freedom Award to Niall Ferguson

MEXICO CITY, Oct. 15, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Caminos de la Libertad, a Grupo Salinas initiative to provoke reflection about freedom, generate thinking about it and create awareness among those who have not yet perceived the value of their own freedom, announced that Ricardo B. Salinas, Chairman of Grupo Salinas, presented the "Una Vida por la Libertad" freedom award to Scottish historian Niall Ferguson.

During the awards ceremony of the ninth Caminos de la Libertad essay contest, Mr. Salinas said, "Niall widely deserves this recognition for his career as a writer and firm defender of freedom. He talks about how the pillars of Western society crumble before our eyes, starting with free market which falls down by excessive regulation and taxation; democracy transforms into demagoguery; the rule of law becomes the rule of lawyers, and civil society translates into uncivil society, where we all hope that our problems are solved by someone else, especially the government."

"To achieve prosperity it is essential to take measures that preserve our economic freedom, that enhance competition conditions and the rule of law, as well as an active civil society," concluded Mr. Salinas.

Upon receiving the award, Niall Ferguson commented that "freedom should be universal, as obvious as it was for the Enlightenment thinkers that freedom was the ideal state," while lamenting that "freedom is not loved as it should be."

Caminos de la Libertad was launched in 2004 as a concept initiated by Ricardo Salinas and carried out by Sergio Sarmiento. The program invites the brightest minds in the Spanish-speaking world to think about freedom, a concept that defines human existence. To date, the program has organized hundreds of seminars, exhibitions and contests.

Felipe González, former President of Spain, Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, former President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev and former President of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus are past recipients of the award.

The current winners of the essay contest were selected among 643 entries from Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, the United Kingdom, Panama and the United States.

The first place award was for US$15,000; the second US$10,000; and the third place US$5,000. In the student category, the winner received US$5,000.


Place Name Essay Title (in Spanish)
First Gustavo Lazzari Alberdi y Hayek caminan Buenos Aires
Second José Benegas Quiero un Hospital
Third-Tie Julio H. Cole George Ornwee y su relevancia para el siglo XXI
Third-Tie Ricardo Lopez Gottig Prometeo desencadenado: la propiedad privada como incentivo para el progreso
Students Fabián Pozo Neira La Franquicia del Socialismo del siglo XXI
Recognition Miguel Cabrera Machado La Paradoja de la Libertad
Recognition Francisco Carrillo Martin Libertad "a pesar de todo": la palabra en los campos de concentración
Recognition Julio César de León Barbero Batalla institucional para limitar el poder y preservar la libertad
Recognition Adrián Ravier Raíces y Evolución de Liberalismo de la Escuela Austriaca
Recognition Guillermo Rodríguez González DeMünster a Kampuchea: El Marxismo como religión
Recognition Martín Simonetta La cómoda vulnerabilidad de las materias primas. El otro lado de la debilidad Institucional en América Latina

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