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Cramer: Tune in for the most vital earnings week

Cramer: Importance of next week's earnings
Cramer: Importance of next week's earnings

When the smoke cleared on the geopolitical landscape, Friday became a perfect example of how investors can keep their eyes on the prize and focus on earnings. That is why when there were great earnings reports and progress overseas on Friday, the Dow Jones industrial average jumped 263 points, or 1.63 percent, and the closed up 24 points, or 1.29 percent.

Now it's time to buckle up. Jim Cramer regards next week as the most important of earnings season.

"Given the improving geopolitical backdrop, I think it's worth investing in the best companies that report next week," the "Mad Money" host said.

Wondering which companies those are? Cramer's game plan will tell you exactly what he'll be watching.

Apple: One of the biggest and most undervalued companies, in Cramer's opinion. He recommends that if you don't own it, wait until after it reports and the bearish analysts say it has peaked. If you do own it, then you own it for next year's sales as this quarter will not be significant . "Apple is too cheap to peak. Let them take it down though, as I think they will."

IBM: Unfortunately, Cramer is not running with the bulls on this one. It's not worth owning in his opinion, as it hasn't been able to find footing with the new world of cloud-based information technology.

Chipotle: Cramer smells burritos ... and opportunity! He likes that the stock has fallen from its high and thinks there is room for opportunity here.

VF Corp: If VF Corp's report indicates that weakness is specific only to Urban Outfitters, then he recommends buying apparel-oriented companies

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Yahoo: Cramer anticipates a subpar report. "But I don't want you to sell it; I want you to buy into its weakness."

Coca-Cola & Kimberly-Clark: If interest rates remain stable and both companies report in-line earnings, then these stocks should see a bit of a gain. "But for the record, I prefer PepsiCo to either of them."

Wednesday: Heads up! Cramer believes that the companies reporting Wednesday will tell investors more about the world than any other results.

3M: This company's products are used all over the world, and there are a lot of weak spots globally right now. Cramer thinks there could be an opportunity to buy into weakness and create long-term wealth. "If it sells off ahead of the quarter, I would buy half a position before and then half after, just in case the stock reacts poorly to this particular quarter."

Caterpillar: Listening to this company's conference calls offers an indicator on the global economy. Cramer thinks that one would only buy big and expensive equipment if they were building something big. He believes that this stock should do well, but he notes that it will be dependent on a rebound in China.

Amazon: The "Mad Money" host is troubled by this stock. He thinks those who sold Google on Friday could also see disappointment when Amazon reports.

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Bristol Myers Squibb: Investors should keep their eyes open on this one, added Cramer. It disappointed in earnings when they reported last quarter, and this could be a buying opportunity.

Procter & Gamble: Cramer sees value here, though there is a lot of restructuring ahead, in his opinion.

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