Ebola czar likely to help calm the hysteria

With the White House announcing that they plan to appoint an Ebola czar, it¹s either a sign we should all start panicking or designed to stop the panic that is already gripped the population and markets — probably the latter. The markets rallied, in part based on the increased efforts by government officials to address this horrible disease.

As investors, fundamentals matter but one cannot lose sight of the fact that markets are an incredibly emotional organism. Look at what happened to Netflix this week. The company posted growth that was not up to analyst expectations (they are still growing) and the stock proceeded to drop 25 percent in after-hours trading. While that type of fluctuation may be wholly ridiculous, it is an indication that the markets are a combination of data and expectation wrapped in a massive emotion-based perspective.

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No one can doubt the seriousness of the Ebola outbreak in Africa. It¹s completely understandable that some degree of anxiety is reasonable about the impact of this disease on the United States. Think back to the anxiety around swine flu or SARS. It was right to be concerned about those diseases as well.

Ebola hazmat suit mask

The panic flames were certainly fueled by the apparent incompetency in Texas in protecting health-care workers leading to the unfortunate infection of at least two health-care workers. These errors not only led to illness but also fostered a degree of panic that has killed airline stocks, made investors wonder if Disney parks will close, and caused the uninformed to dress in hazmat suits in airports (I¹m not kidding—check it out).

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So, given the frenzy, it¹s probably a wise move for the White House to appoint a czar to watch over the coordinated action to fight Ebola in this country. Essentially, this means that there will be one person with his staff watching to make sure nobody screws up the way they allegedly did in Texas. A czar¹s attention implies action and that alone will comfort many. Lets hope that its not all cosmetic and real action is taken.

The many mentioned above include stock market participants and those that hit the buttons on computerized trading.

The czar role may well be marketing and action (rather that solely action) but I suspect it will accomplish at least some of its intended calming effects. And that gigantic, hysterical organism called the stock market will likely breathe a sigh of relief that attention is being given to coordinate action regarding the Ebola virus.

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Now if we could just get a czar appointed to handle the U.S. deficit, deflation in Europe, Chin¹s slowing growth rate ...

Commentary by Michael A. Yoshikami, the CEO and founder of Destination Wealth Management in Walnut Creek, California. He is also a CNBC contributor.

Disclaimer: Neither the author nor Destination Wealth Management own shares of any of the companies mentioned in this article.