Diet Doc Announces Sugar Cravers Diet Plans Aimed at Breaking America's Sugar Addiction

HOUSTON, Oct. 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Millions of years ago, when nutrient rich food sources were scarce, the human brain developed a relationship with carbohydrates and sugars to supply the body with enough energy for survival. Now that nutrients are readily available in our society, this relationship has resulted in countless negative health effects, as well as being a major contributor of America's obesity epidemic.

Why is sugar so addicting? Sugar triggers the brain's pleasure center in the same manner as using cocaine, morphine, heroin, nicotine and alcohol, by releasing dopamine, the "feel good" chemical. And, more challenging is that our modernized refined carbohydrates found wheat products and baked goods stimulate opioid receptors in the brain – the same receptors that are stimulated by heroin and cocaine. This makes the carb and sugar addiction/withdrawal cycle even more powerful when foods like bread and doughnuts are consumed. This sugar addiction is not imaginary and is associated with real physiological changes in the brain.

Those who find themselves with a carb and sugar addiction face a very challenging struggle with weight loss. Fortunately, Diet Doc has created their specialized Sugar Cravers diet programs that focus on helping people lose weight without sugar withdrawal symptoms.

Diet Doc utilizes exclusive hormone diet treatments that contain natural, prescription strength hormones, complemented with delicious weight loss shakes and supplements that suppress and control sugary cravings. These hormones naturally mobilize stored body fat for an ample supply of energy, even during times of fewer calorie intake. When used as a tool to lose weight in hormone diet treatments, these hormones continue to target stored fat as the hormone flushes the excess fat out of the body. While hormone diet treatments are targeting stored fat, they are also working to control the appetite and end the patient's sugar cravings in order to lose weight.

Combining these natural prescription hormone diet treatments, proven weight loss tips and healthy foods has made Diet Doc's Sugar Cravers and prescription hormone diet treatments the nation's leader in medically supervised weight loss programs. In fact, in a recent in-house survey, including over 25,000 actual Diet Doc clients, an overwhelming majority reported losing up to 20 pounds per month, without negative side effects from sugar cravings, like dizziness, fatigue or weakness.

Diet Doc urges those who are struggling to lose weight by eliminating sugar in their diet to call today to learn how to end sugar addictions with their specialized Sugar Cravers diet plans.

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