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Finra lifts halt on OTC Markets equities trading

FINRA halts trading in OTC equity securities

OTC Markets resumed trading operations Friday after a temporary halt from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (Finra).

OTC said it provided non-actionable quote updates beginning at 12:45 p.m., and then resumed trading 15 minutes later.

The company, which facilitates trading of penny stocks and other equities, told CNBC earlier that trading had been halted because of a technical glitch causing subscribers to experience delays in updating quotes.

"FINRA has imposed a quoting and trading halt in all OTC equity securities as of 11:05:06 a.m. ET due to a lack of current quotation information currently available in the marketplace for OTC equity securities. FINRA will notify the market when quoting and trading in all OTC equity securities may resume," the agency wrote in a media release.

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Earlier, a twitter account linked to OTC reported that there were systems issues.

OTC tweet.

Last week Reuters reported that Finra is looking to close its own OTC Bulletin Board and increase its regulations and oversight over other over-the-counter marketplaces.