Back to Health Center Welcomes New Chiropractor

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Oct. 19, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A team of Alexandria chiropractors has announced the addition of a new practitioner. According to Dr. Shara Posner, Back to Health Center has engaged chiropractor Dr. Shawnte Hudgins for her "whole body" approach to health and wellness, which enables her to provide a wide range of treatment options, techniques and recommendations to the clinic's patients. "We are honored and excited to be working with Dr. Hudgins. Her holistic approach will be an amazing addition to our practice and help to better serve our patients as they get 'back to health,'" said Dr. Posner.

That holistic approach involves taking into account the way an injury or illness in one part of the body can affect a great many other components and even entire physical systems. Dr. Shara Posner says Back to Health Center's new doctor Dr. Shawnte Hudgins uses her detailed understanding of anatomy and physiology to discover the root cause of a patient's symptoms. The doctor can then make deep corrections at this basic level, instead of simply masking those symptoms through painkillers or other superficial remedies.

Dr. Hudgins says many seemingly unrelated symptoms can stem from a misalignment or imbalance in the spinal column. By determining the root cause of the pain, Dr. Hudgins is able to create a personalized chiropractic and wellness plan to suit each patient's individual needs. The chiropractor employs several different treatment methods in addition to chiropractic care, including physiotherapeutic modalities, soft tissue mobilization, and rehabilitative exercises. "Patients receiving this degree and quality of care report significant improvement in their systems as well as better overall function," she said.

After initial work in research, Dr. Hudgins decided to enroll in chiropractic school to pursue what she describes as a compulsion to help people overcome physical issues and enjoy a higher quality of life. She graduated from the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic in 2010, after which she decided to practice her new career in North Virginia in order to be more accessible to the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

Dr. Hudgins lists her primary objectives as reducing pain, restoring function, and educating patients. Specifically, she states that she teaches individuals how to empower themselves by gaining an understanding of their condition's causes and symptoms, taking positive steps to facilitate the healing process, and assuming responsibility for maintaining their newfound sense of health and wellbeing.

Dr. Posner expresses excitement over the way Dr. Hudgins' skills and value complement the overall mission and goals of Back to Health Center. "All of us at Back to Health Center have a passion to help our patients feel better and remain healthy for life. Dr. Hudgins is a perfect choice for our team," she said.

Back to Health Center provides chiropractic care, acupuncture, cold laser therapy, pediatric care, physical medicine, sports injury treatment, massage therapy and cranial-sacral therapy for Alexandria patients.

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