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Back in the winner's circle: Cramer

Cramer: Buyers circling back to the winners
Cramer: Buyers circling back to the winners

Investors were drooling on Monday, and circled right back to stock winners. Now that Jim Cramer has called bottom, he has his winner's hat on and can see the rewards flowing to those who didn't have weak hands last week.

That is why Cramer says you need to believe that the market bottom flagged on Friday is real. Don't worry if you missed the action on Monday, he thinks there is plenty of time left and plenty more earnings per share in the days ahead.

Investors are now back to the stocks that had good earnings reports, but were buried underneath a heap of bad news initially. A few stocks that are smokin' hot right now are stocks like Nike and Domino's. Both reported great quarters but were lost in the sauce.

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Now that Ebola news has minimized, it seems consumer travel fears are subsiding as well. Delta had a standout quarter, and Cramer assumes Southwest will report the same. Marriott and other hotel chains are bouncing back, and even cruise ship stocks are steering in the right direction.

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The good news is that Cramer thinks investors are changing their perspective. The rewards, they are betting, will exceed the risks of stocks that were hammered already. They are willing to isolate the issues of the day, like IBM's miss that Cramer predicted in his Game Plan last week, and keep the ball rolling.

The market is certainly in a better place than it was a week ago "and all that matters is if you are circling back to what worked that you tucked away, and are now feasting on," added Cramer. Time to take out the knife and fork.

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