NFL, other leagues sue on New Jersey sport betting

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (L) and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie attend a ceremony for the NFL Super Bowl Host Committee, February 1, 2014 in New York City.
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Several major professional sports leagues, along with the NCAA, are suing to stymie New Jersey sports betting.

New Jersey, which just passed a law that will allow sports betting at state-licensed casinos and tracks, will see its first bets placed on Sunday unless the leagues' suit is successful, ESPN reported.

The leagues contend that the state's new allowance violates the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, according to the report.

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The suit, which was filed on Monday, claimed the New Jersey bill is "in clear and flagrant violation of federal law—to accomplish what it unsuccessfully attempted to do three years ago: sponsor, operate, advertise, promote, license or authorize gambling on amateur and professional sports at state-licensed casinos and horse racetracks. Because this effort is no more lawful than New Jersey's past ones, it, too, should be enjoined," according to ESPN.

New Jersey, however, may have the right to allow selective sports betting under its general police powers, New Jersey State Sen. Raymond Lesniak told ESPN.

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