Cramer: Market's back in action

Tuesday was yet another amazing day for the bulls when the Dow Jones industrial average jumped 215 points, and the S&P 500 roared 1.96 percent.

With this magnificent day on the market, Jim Cramer thinks that at the first sniff of a market pullback, some serious buying should be done.

In the midst of the market low, he created his list of 10 events that needed to happen in order to reach an investable bottom.

"People accused me of setting up a bearish wall designed to make it clear that we couldn't have a real rally—that it was simply out of reach."

Jim Cramer Mad Money
Source: CNBC

With over 30 years of investing experience, the "Mad Money" host has been to the puppet show and has seen the strings. He knew when to call market bottom last Friday, and it was all because he had his checklist to compare to.

Essentially, the market is rallying like crazy right now because each box on the list has been checked off. Highlights include: Ebola being under control (not cured, just under control). A broadening range of market bottom, with every single group of stocks hit, even the drug companies. Oil found its footing, where consumers still get an equivalent tax cut and drillers still make money. And there have been earnings beats and raises left and right, with exception of the horrible pain emanating from IBM.

At the end of the day, it's not rocket science, in Cramer's eyes. The boxes were checked, and now the market rallied.

"If it pulls back you have to be a buyer, not a seller, of the companies that have performed remarkably here," Cramer added. And there are plenty to pick from.

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