Cramer Remix: You need to be a buyer

Tuesday was yet another amazing day for the bulls, marking the best day for the S&P 500 (.SPX) since October 2013.

With this magnificent day, Jim Cramer thinks that at the first sniff of a market pullback, some serious buying should be done.

In the midst of the market low, he created his list of 10 events that needed to happen in order to reach an investable bottom. Cramer knew when to call market bottom last Friday, and it was all because he had his checklist to compare to.

At the end of the day the market rallied, in Cramer's eyes, because boxes were checked.

"If it pulls back you have to be a buyer, not a seller, of the companies that have performed remarkably here," Cramer added. And there are plenty to pick from.

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It is easy to think that the industrials are back when companies like Illinois Tool Works (ITW) are saying good things, United Technologies (UTX) is posting excellent numbers, and both General Electric (GE) and Honeywell (HON) are making positive comments about the global economy.

This market rally was too broad to just be related to company earnings or even one sector. Rather, it stems from good prospective news, making the industrials the catalyst.

"I do not, for one moment, want to make you think that these big moves on industrials are about the earnings of specific companies," said the "Mad Money" host.

Ultimately, Cramer believes that if the good news around the world continues, these stocks will continue to climb, which will certainly make industrials an interesting place to be right now.

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One quick look at entertainment stocks, specifically the content providers, and you will see that they are killing it right now.

"If you have good content, then you have more ways than ever to make a killing in the entertainment business because there are just so many platforms out there."

It's no wonder these stocks are leading the pack right now. Cramer turned to Bob Lang, founder and senior strategist at to interpret the charts. As suspected by Inspector Cramer, Lang confirmed that this stock breed is indeed a winner.

Lang's favorite was Time Warner (TWX). This company is helping to cut the cord in a big way with the launch of online only HBO Go. Lang thinks that Time Warner has the best chart of the bunch, showing that its rebound in the market was powered by heavy volume. That means that the big financial institutions are buying the stock by the fistful.

The key, added Lang, is the $78 level. That is roughly $1 from where it is trading. If it can break above the ceiling of resistance at $78, then it will have plenty of upside ahead.

When it comes to media plays, content is king which is why these stocks are on fire right now. It's time to buy, buy, buy in Cramer's eyes.

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Another company worth taking a look at is Six Flag Entertainment (SIX). The company just posted a 6-cent earnings beat and announced a 10 percent dividend boost, which brings its yield up to a rare 6 percent. Cramer certainly doesn't have a lot of stocks he recommends with that high yield.

Jim Cramer Mad Money
Source: CNBC

However, Six Flags is one of the most shareholder friendly companies around in Cramer's opinion. To gain further insight on how this company wowed investors, Cramer spoke with Jim Reid-Anderson, Six Flags' CEO.

Though the stock is down slightly down since they last spoke in 2013, and Cramer thinks this dividend could be a real boost to the stock.

Anderson provided further insight on the company's great quarter when he stated "We have a series of factors working in our favor that helped to deliver the 7 percent revenue boost… I think it comes because we have innovation in every single one of our parks. There's something new everywhere."

With the recent Ebola outbreak, heads have now turned to review the drug development business as drug companies are now competing to create a cure for the disease.

Quintiles (Q) is the largest contract research organization that conducts outsourced clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry. To dive in deeper, the "Mad Money" host spoke with Dr. Jeffrey Spaeder, Chief Medical & Scientific Officer of the company.

Knowing what is on the forefront of investor minds, Cramer asked how close the pharmaceutical industry is to having a vaccine for Ebola.

"There are a couple of vaccines in development right now, and the World Health Organization is hoping they will be able to have some Phase 1 results by the end of this year… it really depends how well the vaccines work in the Phase 1 study," added Spaeder.

In the Lightning Round Cramer pointed out which stocks to buy caller favorites:

Blackberry (BBRY): "You want a long term stock, go with Apple. Best in breed, rising price"

Vectren (VVC): "A very hot utility company, that is really good"

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