Blue Water Ventures International, Inc. Signs Business Services Agreement With The Soellingen Advisory Group, Inc.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Oct. 21, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blue Water Ventures International, Inc. (the "Company" or BWVI) (OTC:BWVI) announced today that it has signed a Business Services Agreement with the Soellingen Advisory Group, Inc. ("Soellingen") (OTC:SLLV)

As part of its long term growth strategy BWVI has developed research for multiple projects and has begun taking steps to actively stage its survey and recovery efforts for the upcoming 2015 season.

Under the terms of its agreement, Soellingen will assist the Company with further search and recovery project development and with the Company's efforts to procure financing to fund all or a portion of its 2015 operating budget. Soellingen joins others who have contracted with the Company to assist the Company with its ongoing project development and financing needs.

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About Blue Water Ventures International, Inc

BWVI conducts archaeologically sensitive recoveries of cargo and artifacts from various shipwrecks on the basis of extensive research and diligence specific to each project. BWVI operations to date have focused on shallow water search and recovery projects. BWVI intends to expand its focus to include deep water salvage. However, as deep-water salvage projects are typically far more costly to pursue than those associated with shallow water projects, such expansion would be dependent upon the Company's raising of significant additional capital.

Forward Looking Statements

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