Town sells mother's home over $95 unpaid tax bill

Got any $95 unpaid tax bills? If so, your house could be foreclosed on and sold at an auction.

That's exactly what happened to a mother from Norcross, Georgia.

Downtown Norcross, Georgia
Source: Wikipedia Commons
Downtown Norcross, Georgia

Xui Lui is pleading with council officials to be allowed to keep her home after it was foreclosed on and sold at an auction. The worst part is that the house was sold all because of an unpaid tax bill of $94.85.

Lui says she was never made aware of the unpaid bill. Also, she stated that she never received any communication from authorities telling her that her house was up for sale in the first place.

Despite her pleadings, council officials are preparing to evict her by Thanksgiving.

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Lui provided records that proved her taxes were paid every year except the year she moved in. However the demands for payment never reached her due to a clerical error—the address on the envelope was incomplete.

"No street, no name. How can I receive the letter?" asked Lui to WSBT, a local news station in Atlanta.

However the only letter that did make it to her house was the one explaining that her Condo had been sold at an auction.

"Where are we to go? I have nowhere. This is my house. Why do I need to move out?" said Lui.

City officials in Norcross are going through their records to attempt to understand where any mistake could have occurred. However since the property has already been legally sold, its not clear what Lui's living situation will be like, come December.

Xui Lui paid for the condo with cash in 2011. She lives there with her four-year-old daughter.

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