Coke: Cramer calls for Kent’s head

Jim Cramer has had enough. How in the heck is the CEO of Coca-Cola, Muhtar Kent gotten the Congressional Medal of Soda when he's not stepping up to the plate?

Coca-Cola was once a great leader in the beverage industry, and released numbers on Tuesday that were in-line with expectations, though shy of consensus.

"Muhtar has the backing of Warren Buffett, so no matter how many times he makes excuses he gets a pass—if not a raise for the team," said the "Mad Money" host.

On the company conference call on Tuesday, Kent admitted that he is stuck in a slow growth track that he has to get out of. In Cramer's opinion, the only two things that were worth talking about were the company's investments in Monster and Green Mountain, which could spark growth, yet these topics didn't even come up. Instead, it was all about a challenged consumer worldwide.

Challenged consumer? Cramer is wondering if Kent had his eyes closed when Apple knocked it of of the park and sold 39 million expensive iPhones last quarter. That could add up to a lot of soda.

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It's the same old record, playing over and over again for Coke. All Cramer heard is more restructuring, more streamlining, zero based budgeting and more buybacks.

In Cramer's perspective, Kent is one endless excuse maker who blames the economy for company woes. Cramer continues to be baffled at the treatment given to Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, when she has grown the company stock from $15 in July of 2012 to $42 today. Coke was at $39 during that time, and is now at $40.

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Coca-Cola beverages
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"I say enough is enough. You want someone's head? Call for Muhtar, not Mayer."

In the end when it comes to beverages, Cramer is voting for PepsiCo and Indra Nooyi. Not Coke or Kent.

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