Wee-Cig Launches the "Wee Can Go All Night" Campaign on the $15 Billion Sex Toy Market

NEW YORK, Oct. 22, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wee-Cig International Corporation (OTC Pinksheets:WCIG) reports that the Company has launched a marketing campaign aimed at the Sex Toy Market. Wee-Cig's "Wee-E" will be the flagship product launched in the sex toy/supplemental market providing customers the ability to go "All Night". Featuring its all natural mix of Acai Berry, Vitamin C, Green Tea and Ginseng, it will provide an energy rush that connoisseurs and users of that industry crave. "Most energy supplements in the sex industry are in pill form, and marketing the Wee-E as a new attractive, stylish way to ingest the boost is both exciting and ground breaking," states Matt Kelly.

It has been estimated that the sex toy industry grosses over $15 billion in annual sales, even during severe economic downturns. In fact the sex industry is so large that, according to statistics, 44% of all females in North America have purchased a product that is sex related.

Wee-Cig will be attending the upcoming "The Everything to do with Sex Show" and "Taboo" conventions in Toronto to launch its line of Wee-Cig products into the sex toy/supplement marketplace. "Counter Culture products have always gone hand and hand with sex shop retailers, and Wee-Cig products complement the industry," states Matt Kelly.

About Wee-Cig

Wee-Cig International is a technology company focused on being on the cutting edge of vaporization and electronic cigarettes. There are an estimated 1.2 Billion smokers in the world and Wee-Cig looks to be a part of the movement of converting them to e-cig and vape users. Some of the Head and Vape Shops carrying the Wee-Cig Products are listed in the Company's website www.weecig.net which get updated periodically.

More information on Wee-Cig products and where you can purchase them can be found on www.weecig.net.

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