You blew the game...I want my money back

Steve Bardens | Getty Images

If your professional sports team is blown out, should you get your ticket money back?

Well, they are doing it in Europe, albeit to a small degree. The most recent example? A soccer team, the Sunderland club in the English Premier League, lost an away game 8-0 to Southampton's club. Beyond their score, Sunderland's on-field performance was so bad (one player scored on his own goal) that the team decided to refund tickets for 2,600 fans who attended the match.

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That seems like an idea that could catch on here. We do get our fair share of blowouts. And for folks who slogged their way to the stadium and dealt with the inevitable parking frustrations...well, a little refund might be salve for the wounds.

And the practice might actually be good for business.

Think about it. Owners—be it football, baseball, basketball, whatever—hate to see empty seats. But empty seats are usually what you get if you have a losing team. But if fans knew that a complete blowout would result in at least recovering the cost of their ticket, well, wouldn't they be more inclined to fill those seats?

And since concessions are a big hunk of sports revenues, the owners are at least getting something.

"It's an interesting concept…not out of the realm of possibility," said Jesse Lawrence, CEO of TiqIQ, an online ticket seller. He suggested sponsorships could even be involved.

Would work for an insurance company, right? "Your ticket refund…because we're there when disasters hit."

Sure, soccer isn't that big a deal here in the United States compared to our helmet- and bat-based activities. But this is one idea we should embrace.