Can Google reinvent email ... again?

Since email was created decades ago, smartphones, phablets and tablets have become staples in consumer's lives but email itself hasn't changed much at all. "Inbox by Gmail" is Google's attempt to reinvent email again.

Google isn't looking to replace Gmail, which was created in 2004, but to expand on it.

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Currently, inboxes are filled haphazardly with everything from invitations, advertisements, spam and letters. "Inbox" will allow the user to organize and peruse through emails when and how one wants by customizing individual tabs.

Jill Duffy, writer at PCMag.com says Google can make it a success. "I think Google has a lot of reach to get to a lot of users," Duffy said.

The app was released Thursday on Android (4.1 and up), iOS (7 and up) and on a Chrome browser. It was released through invitation only though, or a consumer could ask a friend who has Inbox to send an invite or finally, email Google at inbox@google.com.

"I think this is typical Google fashion, you know, it's sort of forced word of mouth spreading," Duffy said. "I have a feeling there's going to be a long wait list there," she added.