Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change
Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

These senators get the most Wall St. campaign cash

Midterm election cost: $4 billion

Financial firms are shelling out big cash for the mid-term Senate elections, but their favorite candidate is an unlikely one: left-leaning New Jersey Democrat Cory Booker.

An industry that has historically favored Republicans is spreading out campaign contributions this fall in an attempt to influence Washington lawmakers on the plethora of banking reforms already enacted or in the pipeline.

Securities and investment firms have given Booker about $1.88 million of his total $17.6 million in contributions this election cycle, according to records from SNL Financial and The industry has been the biggest group to give to the former Newark mayor, with lawyers and real estate firms the two next-highest.

Though Booker's policy stands are mostly favorable to the left, he's faced withering criticism from some of its loudest voices over his coziness with Wall Street.