Angelica -- Nation's Largest Hospital Laundry Service Issues Ebola Guidance to Its Customers

ATLANTA, Oct. 23, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Angelica (, the nation's leading provider of hospital linen services, has issued a letter to its customers providing guidance on the proper handling of linens used for patients being tested for the Ebola virus.

"Ebola presents special challenges for hospitals and caregivers related to the handling of linens," says David Van Vliet, President and CEO of Angelica. "We want to ensure that our hospital and outpatient clients are informed about the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and how to apply those guidelines to safely manage the linen supply."

Angelica provides healthcare laundry services to over 800 hospitals and thousands of outpatient facilities across the U.S., including the state of Texas, site of the recent Ebola cases. The company's services include the care and cleaning of patient bedding, patient gowns, and caregiver garments, in addition to providing disposable privacy curtains used in hospital rooms. The safe handling of these items requires special care in cases of infectious diseases such as Ebola.

In accordance with current guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Angelica advises that:

Linen that has been used with any individual who is being tested for the Ebola virus is to be bagged in a regular soiled linen bag and stored in the patient's room, pending completion of the testing process. This should include linen that has arrived at the treatment facility with the patient (e.g. by EMS, private transport, etc.).

  • For patients testing positive for the Ebola virus, all linens used in connection with the care and treatment of the patient, whether used before or after the test results are known, should be handled as Category A infectious substances in accordance with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. These linens must not be returned to Angelica for laundering.
  • For patients testing negative for the Ebola virus, linens used in connection with the patient's care should be handled in accordance with standard (universal) precautions, placed in regular soiled linen bags and returned to Angelica for laundering.

The company has created a special section on its web site where it will post the latest information and guidance from the CDC and DOT in regard to the handling of Ebola infected linens. Hospitals can visit the Ebola information pages at

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