Bazaarvoice Delivers Rights Management Solution to Display Social Content Across the Industry's Largest Network of Brand and Retail Sites

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 23, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bazaarvoice, Inc. (Nasdaq:BV), the network connecting brands and retailers to the authentic voices of consumers wherever they shop, today released Rights Management for Bazaarvoice Curations, simplifying the process for clients to secure permission to use consumers' Twitter and Instagram content in marketing campaigns. The new functionality operates seamlessly with Bazaarvoice's market-leading moderation services, which combine automated filtering and manual review to accurately connect branded photos, videos, and social posts to the industry's largest network of brands and retailers, as well as more than 500 million unique monthly shoppers.

Bazaarvoice testing has shown that adding visual content from social networks onto product pages provides a 25-40 percent increase in engagement and a 3-9 percent conversion lift—above the impact achieved by displaying ratings and reviews on the page. The new Rights Management capability makes it easier for businesses to tap consumer social content to help drive sales, and complements Bazaarvoice's position as the only platform capable of publishing social posts and review content within a single, integrated website design. Because Bazaarvoice Curations and Conversations feature a shared technology backend and implementation services, clients that use both solutions can adjust the amount of content displayed from a particular source to suit their specific requirements. For example, a client may design a campaign hub to heavily favor review content, or they can choose a more visual display that showcases social photos and videos in the context of relatively fewer reviews.

"When you have a great experience with a brand you are passionate about, you want to share it. At Sony, we want to celebrate these moments within our retail experience," said Barbara Ross Miller, Head of Sony Direct at Sony Electronics Inc. "Bazaarvoice Curations not only allows our team to integrate social content onto, but more importantly, it provides a way to confidently showcase our Sony community in an e-commerce environment. When you take a look at the user generated content now on our site and in stores, it is pretty apparent why we chose to pursue a way to surface this content for other consumers to see. It is very powerful to see the meaningful role our products play in our customer's everyday lives."

Hundreds of millions of photos, videos, and social posts are shared on social networks every day and Bazaarvoice delivers what few other companies can: specialized, scalable human moderation and tagging that helps ensure content is product-relevant and screened for insights about customers' attitudes regarding the products they buy. With Bazaarvoice Rights Management, moderation-approved content triggers a rights request to the consumer through the social platform on which they shared the content. Once the consumer has provided permission, the content is automatically moved into the client's content repository for use in image galleries on product pages, category pages, branded campaign hubs, and other digital marketing properties. A dashboard provides clients with the current status of content, whether it has been identified, approved for use, or is displayed on their digital properties.

"Adding Rights Management to our toolset allows our clients to identify the diamonds in the rough and efficiently secure the rights to use that content in all the places that inform and influence consumers in the shopping process," said Michael Paulson, executive vice president of product at Bazaarvoice. "Combined with the depth of information provided by authentic reviews, Bazaarvoice offers the most complete capability for brands to deliver the information that matters to consumers and helps ensure they are engaged, satisfied, and inclined to purchase."

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