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Jim Cramer reiterates bullish view on 3M

Cramer's Mad Dash: BABA & 3M deliver

CNBC's Jim Cramer on Thursday reiterated his bullish view on 3M after the conglomerate delivered strong third-quarter earnings results.

The St. Paul, Minnesota-based company, which makes everything from Scotch tape and Post-It notes to dental floss and earmuffs, delivered a 2-cent beat on earnings at $1.98 per share. Its revenue, though, fell just shy of the average Wall Street analyst's expectations.

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Perhaps more importantly, though, organic local-currency sales growth grew 3.9 percent, Cramer noted.

Inge G. Thulin, President and CEO of 3M Company.
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To Cramer, 3M's strength is thanks to the leadership of CEO Inge Thulin, who he praised as "one of the great managers of our time."

"He doesn't get a lot of credit. Why? Because he is certainly not a glory hound," Cramer said on "Squawk on the Street. " "He is one of those people who just consistently puts up good numbers, and we all know behind-the-scenes he's delivering all over the world."

Citing negative impact from a stronger U.S. dollar, 3M narrowed its yearly financial targets, which Cramer chalked up as a "positive." After all, he thinks it's good to temper expectations. Besides, Thulin will simply create new product to drive growth anyway, Cramer said.

"Some managers invent a lot of new product and then get great numbers. Inge Thulin invents a huge amount of new product," he said. "Go to their website—it's really one of the most exciting websites I follow—and you'll see why 3M is winning."

DISCLOSURE: When this story was published, Cramer's charitable trust owned 3M.